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3 year old Shih tzu scratching and biting her self.

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about 7 weeks ago my mum adopted a 3 year old female shih-tzu. Around 2 and a half weeks ago she started to scratch and bite her self around her tail and bum area which is making her sore. We found out she had fleas so she has had flea treatment and they are now gone so we know its no longer that. She has also had her glands emptied she has been wormed. But she is still doing it. We have had a bit of trouble with her good when we got her she was on very cheap nasty food and we tried many foods which she didnt like. about 3 weeks ago we started her on wainwrights. she has a mixture of wet and dry food both the same brand as she will not eat dry on its own and she loves it. Were worried it could be an allergy to the food that has caused her to itch so much? We have checked the area and only around where shes biting looks dry and sore everywhere else looks fine. If could it be the food or is there a chance its something else?