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Hi all, this is my first time joining a bird forum so hopefully i can offer some advice as well as recive some. Ok just a little about me without boring you all.
I have my own building and landscaping company and i have built a few aviaries for various customers so decided to build my own. I have added birds this year and they all seem happy and are breeding allready so i guess they are all happy.

I have a few questions which i would appreciate some advice with please as i am a little new to looking after birds:

1/ I have an indoor and outdoor flight with openings that can be closed, in the winter months do i keep the openings open all year to enable the birds to chhose to go outside or do i have to close the birds in for winter ? i do have a small heater installed inside just to keep the frost out but i just wanted to know if the birds should still have access to the outside.

2/ I understand the breeding season, rest periods ect ect but do you leave the bird boxes in all year or do i have to remove them ? for example my birds currently have chicks, and from what i gather when these birds fledge i think i have to remove the nest boxes to stop them breeding again for the year, is this the case or do you just leave the boxes in place all year round and let the birds get on with it? From what i gather i need to remove the boxes when the chicks have fledged as we are entering the rest period and then i dont put the boxes back until next febuary. Is this correct? it seems strange not to have anywhere for birds to go into for such a long period.

Thats all the questions i have for the moment, Hope some of you can advise me soon, thank you

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i dont really have a know how

i dont really have a know how about things like that but you will be informed by the other member that have more knowledge in things like that! welcome again M3BIMMER!  I found this new website with Pet Deals up to 90% off retail!  They are launching soon and have a cutest pet contest!.<link removed>