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Advice from VetsNurse

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Please post ANY pet health problems here and I will do my best to respond. If your pet is in anyway suffering pain please do the right thing and take it see a qualified vet.


Do not post questions that require immediate veterinary care.

If your pet is seriously ill, bleeding, can't move, hasn't pooped or peed in a couple of days, has green mucus coming out of the nose or eyes, hasn't eaten or drank in a few days, is pooping blood, is coughing blood, has a bloated tummy, cries when touched or picked up.....Then please take the poor animal to the VETS ASAP.......Do not waste time posting here, your pet needs to be seen by a real live veterinarian immediately.

If you cannot afford vet care, check to see if your vet or another vet can take payments, or check to see if any veterinary school, RSPCA or college facility can help.

Thank You

About Me

I have lived in London my whole life and have been working at a well known Veterinary Center as a Veterinary Nurse since March 2003. I graduated from the University of New Hampshire (in the USA) with a Bachelor of Science in Zoology in 1999. Someday I hope to go back to the USA and live in Hawaii and work in a zoo or aquarium as a trainer or veterinary nurse. I currently have 2 cats and 1 dog. Dingo and Pepsi are 4 years DSH cat.

Post any questions in this part of the forum "ask the vet nurse" regarding health and I will check once a day to respond.

Many thanks. x