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For all the cats, that were once here then gone.

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The title says it all. in my time on this planet my family have owned multiple cats. All went outside, til we got our present day Ragdoll cross, 2 years ago, we decided to keep her as a house cat, as we had lost our fare share to the outside world. Aswell, as Satffies and Dobies, and a LAb, we allways had a clutch of cats.
So here is my memorian to them all.
The cat that my family had just purchased before my birth, he was a beige tabby with white markings. Named after the Sherman Tanls, apparently. He was a big old tom, whom had his fare sets of fights. I have been told that he used to sleep in the little basket thing at the back of my pushchair.
I remember he would wait for us when my mum would pick me up from nursery. He would sit on the high porch roof, and wait till we came home, then the fun would begin. He did everything with me, even moreso then the dogs.
Unfortunaltey, he got ran over when i was about 4, so he was 5, not old at all.

Sootica was a kitten that came from a neighbour of my grandparents, i think i was 2 years old, we still had Sherman, but wanted a cat too keep him company.
She was a tiny girl, very small. But the greatest mouser i had ever known, we called her the black death LOL
She was a very sweet girl, but she went away and never came back, the fate of many cats, sadly. Nobody knows what happened to her,.

Dabbles was a black and white moggy, that adopted us, he just, came in one day with Sootica dn Sherman, and then one day after about 3 years, he just went away as mysteriouslly as he came

Socksie was the grey tabbu with white markings, a good old moggy, who we brought from the local farm.
She was a very solitude creature, allways out, hardly ever in. infact i cant really remember her that well, i know when she had her kittens she had them in the duck house, turfing our ducks out.
She went away one day and never returned.

Sam, was our first pedigree a Siamese queen, named Samantha, but i could never sya it, so Sam just stuck. She was a funny little girl, as most Siamese are. She would bawl like a baby everyday at 6 o clock, we never found out why.
One of my sisters, the one up from me, used to dress Sam up in dolls clothes and she allowe dit.
She died at age 4, she pined for Tinker Bell.......

Tinker Bell.
Tinker Bell was a Tortie and white persian, she was about 3 when we got her, off a friend of my mums who just couldnt keep up with her grooming, thus she had got in a sorry state and was a bit foul temered.
To her, Sam the siamese was her baby, they went everywhere together, did everything together.
We had been told, she had been neutered, she hadnt, she come back one day and dropped 13 kittens!
No wonder she waddled around after that for 3 days, ooh the pain.
Sadly she passed away when we had, had her say 4 or so years so she would have been 7 or 8. She had respiratory problems, and had to be PTS. The Sam pined away for her, and died

Those were the last cats we had, afore we got CLementine.
RIP all little ones, even those who we dont know what happened
best wishes