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Any tips for a biting bird ?

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Hi, my auntie has a Hans macaw which is around a year old, it has a large cage with loads of perches/ladders/ropes to play with he also has a hammock that is shaped like a triangle so he can sleep in a darkened area. He is also let out of the cage every evening to fly as he wishes for a couple of hours or so but he always makes a b-line for my auntie and will sit on her shoulder and for no reason bite her neck really hard, enough to make her bleed on serveral occassions. When they go to put him back into his cage he goes into a frenzy and will flap and squawk like mad and the only person he'll let put him back in the cage is one of the kids but even thats with a bit of a struggle.

I've already suggested to put something that is safe but he doesn't like on their necks and hands (lemon juice etc) when he's out to try and deter him and also to give him something he really likes but doesn't get very often everytime he gets put back in his cage so he see's it as a good thing but these don't seem to be working :roll: .

As you can imagine the whole family are not keen on him anymore as they have all been bitten at one stage or another and so they would like any suggestions people have to help stop this.

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