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Anyone feed this raw diet?

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Just wanting some opinions.
After an eye opening discussion on another forum, I've realise that Rosie's Royal Canin dog food contains BHA, shown to have carcinogenic effects on triuals in lab rats 8O
So, I've been out to the pet shop and found this 'Nature's menu' raw nuggets, made from raw chicken, tripe, heart liver and veg.
Honey also has Nature's Menu, but the cooked pouch ones, as raw just doesn't agree with her (believe me I've tried :roll: ) and she looks fantastic. Rosie can't have the pouches really as they are quite low fat and she can't physically eat enought to keep her weight up!
What do you Raw diet people reckon?
Thanks in advance and sorry for waffling on! :D
Here's a link in case anyone is interested http://www.naturesmenu.co.uk/products/frozen/banquet-nuggets/index.php

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I don't feed my Dogs with Raw

I don't feed my Dogs with Raw Diet. Mostly I give them home made food and sometimes I give them Applaws Dog Food. They have unique products and specially made according to a DOg's diet. It is rich in meat content around 75%. Also there is no additives or fillers.