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Arnie's herpes problem

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Seems Arnie (age 9) has been afflicted with herpes in one of his eyes since before he chose to move in with me, probably since birth. The other eye may also be affected although not as severely.

He's been getting annual jabs for FLV immediately after moving in so I thought he would be in the clear from any nasty viruses.

He's been getting regular meds for conjunctivitis for many years but things have escalated rapidly in the past six months to the stage where he can no longer see through one eye due to severe inflammation.

The vet has prescribed different types of medication; among these have been Ciloxan, Zovirax, Fucithalmic, Virgan, Metacam and Pred Forte although none have slowed down the deterioration.

I am awaiting the outcome of an insurance claim to do what is necessary (poossible removal of his eye) although I don't think there is much hope of a successful claim. Sadly this may lead to him being put to sleep to end his discomfort.

I value your suggestions as to how I can make his last week more tolerable.