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Basic Goldfish Info

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BOWL When choosing a bowl (only for temporary short-term use) or tank, get one that is as large as possible. Make sure it is clean by rinsing it out with fresh water - if there is any residue on the sides, clean this off with a salt or a cleaner from our store. Never use soap or detergent as they will poison your fish. Position the container away from sunny windows and doors where the temperature will change a lot. Know that these fishes live a long time (a few decades) and achieve large sizes (comets grow to more than a foot ultimately) if kept properly, and will need much larger quarters in time.

DECORATIONS Plants, rocks, and lighting are nice but not necessary. Avoid putting things in the water which will scratch your fish or poison them, like shells and coral.

FISH First of all, be sure not to put too many fish in the container. We recommend at most one fish per half gallon of water and only when the fish are quite small (1/2-1"). When putting your new fish in the container, it is best to float the fish in the bag they came in for about ten minutes. This equalizes the temperature of the water in the bag to the temperature in the container. Your fish will be less stressed by doing this. After floating, remove the fish from the bag and put only the fish into the container, none of the old water.

FEEDING Just like you, your fish need to eat everyday. It is better to feed them twice a day, but only a little. Goldfish should eat all of their food within one minute of being fed. There should never be any left over food on the bottom. Be careful not to overfeed.

CLEANING It's a good idea to change your water about every week. When cleaning, place your fish in a suitable container with some of the water they were already in. To clean, rinse the bowl out with clean tap water and wipe it out with a paper towel. Refill with fresh tap water. Be sure to add the chemical to remove tapwater sanitizer and follow the directions on the label. When returning the fish to the bowl, use the same procedure as when receiving a new fish.