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Has anyone got any opinions on beach donkeys.

I live in a seaside town on the south coast were for years there were donkeys on the beach, and where as years ago they were there, it was much quieter and they seemed to enjoy it , but as the town got more popular the beach got more and more full.
Now I know that donkeys have always been there,but I was pleased when they were all retired to a lovely sanctuary as they had done their bit .
I think that these days there is no place for this type of (FUN) anymore if you want your children to see them there are lots of sanctuarys you can go to and see them grassing free and happy.
To my dismay our local paper ran a front page article on a lady that had got planning to bring them back and now they are back trudging back and forth up and down a noisey and hectic beach, and i feel sorry for their lives they have ahead of them .

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I am going to the beech soon

I am going to the beech soon and was wondering what people thought of the donkeys and people sitting on them, I think it is quite crawl, what about you?

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Depends how heavy you are I

Depends how heavy you are I suppose.