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black an white dress

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Instead of second-skin dresses in shocking pink spandex or strapless tops with strategically placed peek-a-boo paneling, the newest fashion craze is overt modesty.
Found in stores like Silca Evangelical Fashion, shoppingwant.com  these coveted pieces include demure, long-sleeved frocks with how-low-can-you-go hemlines and the polyester putty-colored potato sack dresses.
In the birthplace of the "fio dental" shoppingwant.com or dental floss string bikini, so-called evangelical fashion has emerged as a growing segment of the country's billion-a-year textile industry, catering to the conservative sartorial needs of Brazil's burgeoning numbers of born-again Pentecostals.
Once so difficult to procure shoppingwant.comthat evangelical women tended to make much of their own clothes themselves, the modest garb is now popping up all over Brazil.