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Bobbie update

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Bobbie update.RIP our beautiful girl.xxxx

Hi All, i have been away from this site for a very long time now. i dont know where to start really as this post is a really hard one to do. on the 4th novemeber 2012 our beautiful german shepherd Bobbie had to be put to sleep. she was 5yrs and 4months old. we had been away to yarmouth with bobbie and our other dog archie who we have had for just over a year. we got him at 9wks old. jack russell x bischon. on holiday bobbie had trouble getting in to the caravan up the stairs. only 2 big steps but she struggled a bit. then she started shuddering. not all the time. by the end of the holiday she was having real problems with her back legs getting down and up the stairs to the beach. she had to be helped. she had to have help getting in the car and we also noticed she wasnt running after her ball like she used to. we thought she might have arthritis in her back legs. we came home and she started to look really depressed and had lost a bit of weight. the last fit she had was on the 3rd of august but the next day after the fit she had a terrible nose bleed. the vet said it was probably due to the fit being more severe than usual. it lasted for 7mins and that was without the pacing afterwards. back to when we came home from holiday. she seemed ok still enjoying her walks but was happy to walk on the lead. i then noticed that her spine was noticable. you could see it and feel it. took her to the vet (i must admit we did not have the money to get her to her own vet so we took her to the rspca.big mistake) hind sights good. she said she had an infection called vaginitis as she kept licking herself. they gave her antibiotics and pain killers for her legs, but she said her spine was ok and she hadnt lost much weight. when we took her to our vet for the nose bleed she weighed 43.kg when they weighed her at the rspca she weighed 32.kg. not much weight was she having a laugh. i took her to the rspca 18th oct. so from the 3rd august last weighing to the this one she had lost a lot of weight. i was concerned about her spine and the depression. i knew she was ill. we gave her the pills and the next day she was throwing up everywhere. phoned the rspca and they said not to give her the pain killers but carry on with antibiotics. which we did. she wasnt good all weekend but was eating and now and then being sick. she perked up on the monday and was playing with archie although not as much. the pills seemed to make her sick and on the wed evening she didnt want her dinner. thursday i cooked her some chicken with rice and she ate a bit of that and the same in the evening. then she started to be sick. on the friday it was payday so made appointment to see our vet. bobbie was sick 6 times on the friday and on the way to the vet. she was very lathargic and didnt seem to want to stand. she lay down at every oppertunity. the vet did blood tests which we waited for and the results came back that there were abnormalities in her kidney and possible cancer cells. i was in flood of tears but the vet said they would do more tests she could just be dehydrated or have diabites anything. they kept her in and put her on a fluid drip straight away. we said goodbye to her and came home. i phoned on the sat morning and they said she was still very quite but eating and drinking and still on drip. they had started her on a course of steroids. the vet phoned in the afternoon and said because of her symptoms, shuddering, not eating, larthargic, week it could be Addison's diesiese to test that they have to be off all meds for 7 days to get a clear diagnosis. so we had hope. they took her off the steroids and kept her in until the tuesday when they said she could go home. the vet also said that the weight loss was dramatic and that she had degeneration of the spine and arthritis in her back legs. we picked her up on the tuesday night and she wasnt herself at all. she looked so sad. she didnt eat anything on wednesday morning. i tried everything. she wouldnt even a bit of cheese. normally bobbie would stand on her head and sing dixie if it meant she got cheese. thursday and still not eating. she then stopped drinking. she was just sleeping. then she started to be sick again. the sick was just green fluid. it was awful and there was not heaving she just opened her mouth and out it came.she had a little bit to drink on thursday night. friday came and bobbie was going to her bowl and just looking at the water and then laying down without drinking. she tried to paddle in her bowl as well. she had no strength. we took her back to the vet on friday evening and they said they would do the test for Addison's, we waited while the results came back but bobbie was just laying down in the waiting room with us. my husband got up to go outside for a bit of air and bobbie didnt even look up. she would normaly have been dragging me across the floor to get to him. the same when he came back in she didnt look up. the test came back as positive for Addisons. so they gave her an injection to stop her being sick. they gave us steroids to give to her as this is the first part of the treatment. but they said she was in crisis. we bought her home and she just slept. on saturday after the second lot of steroids, she was still not good. i phoned the vet and she said she should have started to respond to the meds. anyway in the end our poor girl could hardly stand up. she couldnt go to the toilet i spose coz she wasnt eating. we took her back to the vet and she was being sick all the time. even laying in the vets she was being sick. she was so ill and so thin, i culdnt let her suffer anymore. we talked to the vet and we let our beautiful girl who never hurt anyone, and who had such a lovely nature start her journey without us to the rainbow bridge. GOD BLESS BOBBIE.

gone but never forgotten.


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healing process

though i can say that Bobbie may now has fully recuperate but i still suggest that we should let or allow Bobbie to play with jeté de canapé so he can completely regain back the strength Bobbie used to have

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She is growing so fast! What

She is growing so fast! What a beautiful dog!