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I cant believe it two bunnies in one week i was cryinging all the start off last week and now i will be doing it again.. i must be the crappest bunny owner in the world, or if not him up there has something against me.

Boo wasnt eating anything and she looked awful so i took her the vets yesterday morning and they gave me liquid food to try and force feed her, they was going to keep her in the vets to try and force feed her themselves but i said she would probably get stressed or shocked in there and i said she would want to be with binky her husband as surely he would perk her up.. so all day yesterday me and my sister and mum was trying to feed her ourselves she was taking the first few we done but at the end of the night she wasnt interested again. so i thought see how she goes overnight but she got worse and this morning she looked dead but it was shallow breathing so i rushed her the vet and he said oh dear her head was flopped on the table and i thought she looked in pain and suffering.. the vet said he could operate to see whats up but its likly it will kill her.. and if i left her she would die. so the best option was to have her PTS.. It was a Horribble morning :cry: :cry:
have i made the wrong decision again..
So binky has no wife know omg. :cry: :cry:

I cannot believe it can my life get any more worse. Now i know why some people dont have pets because of the pain you go through when losing them its so horrendous.. (im just going to curl into a ball and cry :cry: ) bye