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breeds of hen

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Hi there.

I'm new to the forum and will soon be getting some chickens :)

I heard that if you get feather-legged breeds they don't tear the ground up as much. I am interested in this because, although I have built a big run for them, I would like to let them free range in my garden sometimes, but want to minimise damage so we can still use the lawn sometimes!! Does anyone know if this is true about feather-legged breeds?

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Welcome to petchat. WOW

Welcome to petchat. WOW chickens. I was thinking about getting some the other day and asked my friend who has some, she said don't pay more than £40 per chicken. Where are you going to get them from. The down side is that they attract rats and foxes. I think it is true about feather - legged breeds. Have you found somewhere to go and view them?

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I would love chickens

I would love chickens

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CLUCK-CLUCK, my Rottie Kaiser

CLUCK-CLUCK Xmas, so would my Rottie Kaiser love chickens. Yummy.