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Can you help with my pet survey? Very short!

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Joined: 05.05.2012

Hi everyone!

My names Lucy and Im 20 years old and I own a beautiful toy poodle called Fozzy (yep, after Fozzy Bear out of the Muppets!)

Im passionate about dogs/animals in general and Im currently researching how the recession is affecting pet owners in the UK as part of my research module on my uni course :)

I think its a topic that is quite overlooked and has affected me myself and I think this topic deserves some attention!

Ive created a short survey that has just 10 questions so it shouldn't take more than 5 minutes, so if you do have a spare 5 minutes, I would be ever so greatful if you could help me out and fill it out.

All repsonses are anonymous and I will not recieve any of your personal details so please answer as honestly as you can. Your responses will be used briefly to analyse whether or not the recession is making it harder for pet owners to financially look after their pets and will not be published any where on the web :)

If you do wish to help me out and although you can be assured that your responses are confidential, if you have any queries or concerns are wish to contact me after you have filled out the survey, please contact me on L.K.Hambidge@warwick.ac.uk and I will be happy to answer any questions

Many Thanks everyone, your help is very much appreciated!


Click here to take survey

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RE: Survey

I took your survey :-)

Good luck witht he rest of uni!

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Survey completed


Just completed your survey.

Best of luck with your Uni course - what are you studying?

Feel free to check out our website if you need information about cats www.bristol.ac.uk/vetscience/cats
We are conducting a longitudinal study of kittens and it's fascinating work!

All the best :)