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Carbon bicycle Seat Saddle

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All three saddles are the same length and width and the key differences are the amount of carbon fibre used in the construction. http://www.carbonbikefactory.com/others-water-bottle-cage-c-552_553.html In the case of the Arione 00, the base and rails are carbon, while the R1 features a carbon and plastic mix base and carbon braided rails. The ‘humble' R3 has a fibreglass and plastic base with ‘Ki:um' chro-moly rails. All the saddles feature Fizik's patented ‘Wingflex' design at the edges where your thigh is in contact with the saddle, allowing a degree of flex (and comfort). http://www.carbonbikefactory.com/3k-glossy-carbon-road-mtb-bike-bicycle-stem-p-663.html All Arione saddles are topped with a thermo-welded Microtex covering over PVA foam padding.
We worked with the Biomechanics department at the University of Padova, "explained the project manager Sergi Claveras, "we can prototype a saddle in a few days and test it on our lunchtime rides, but really it is a combination of all the main elements that go to make up the performance of a saddle - the rails, base and padding all play a part in determining the feel."The new pared-down design and profile makes the Arione 00 a sleek perch for dedicated racers and weight-loss fetishists alike. http://www.carbonbikefactory.com/3k-glossy-carbon-bicycle-seat-saddle-for-mtb-road-bike-frame-p-682.html Fizik claims it will trip your digital scales at 135 grams and it is staggeringly light, though it is also for those with pro-spec backsides because it is certainly a stiffer, less flexible seat than the rest of the Arione range. If you need a rigid, stable and lightweight platform, this is it http://www.carbonbikefactory.com