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Cat facts

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- A cat’s whiskers help her know if she can squeeze through a narrow space.

- A cat’s nose texture is unique, just like human fingerprints.

- Eyes color of a cat changes with ages.

- A cat’s eyes are either round or almond-shaped eyes, depending on how attentive she is.

- A cat needs only a sixth of the light needed by a human to see better than him.

- Although cats see very well in the dark, cat cannot see close by small objects

- Cats are the laziest animals. They sleep between 15 to 18 hours a day.

- Cat hearing is three times higher than human hearing.

- Cats with blue eyes and white fur are prone to genetic deafness.

- Cats rub themselves on you to leave their smell on your body and mark their territory; in this way, cats think that people smell just like them and belong to them.

- Cats like to sleep on paper. Paper is soft and warm.

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Cats like to sleep on paper!

I know! My cat always sits or lays down on any books or papers I bring in the room. But I did not know that do this because the paper is warm, I thought they just do this with any new object in the room. My loves my laptop laugh

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Re:Useful information about cats

It is a great source of information about cats. Specially for those who have a hobby of pets like cats. I also like cats due to their some good habits. Dogs are also good but cats have some very unique characteritics.

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