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Cat food

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What is the best food for cats for their health?


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For regular daily feeding,

For regular daily feeding, you cannot beat any of the top brands of tinned food, suss it all out on the net for information. They are all about the same in nutrition, but we obviously have our own preferences. Flavours and ingredients cover a wide range.

Treats are another matter - individual choice. We gave our cat a tin of sardines or Tuna in tomato sauce occasionally and he loved it. Tinned Salmon when I was too drunk to notice.

A cats eating pattern is different to dogs. Ideally, there are 3 feeding bowls, one for the main mea, morning and evening, one for small cat bisciuts - nibbles and one for water.

My personal advice - NEVER feed a cat on totally dry food, use tinned cat food and mix a few dry pellets in if you wish. Others may disagree - well each to his own.

One thing you do not do if at all it can be avoided in your budget, is to give them cheap relatively unknown brands. Very often the major Supermarkets stock their own brands and these are very good and cheaper than the main cat food suppliers. No problem at all.

Surprise, surprise ! All the major Supermarket brands are supplied to them by our dear old friends the main pet food suppliers, so don`t be put off. It is cheaper and just as good.

You see, Father Christmas, he is not some guy with a big white beard and dressed in red that comes by reindeer from the North Pole, it is really Daddy in disgiuse.

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High-quality foods like fresh

High-quality foods like fresh meats, fish, eggs, tuna, chicken, beef, fish, milk, bacon, butter, pancakes, sausage, yoghurt are the key for promoting good health on a cat.

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I usually give my pet cat the best quality canned food :) but sometimes give them the food I eat :P

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cat food

I keep my cats of a very good quality biscuit diet and have been told many times by the vets that they have exceptional teeth for their age (youngest member of family is 9 years old) and they are all healthy BIG cats. There is no point buying a cheaper brand to save money as that can be a false economy as they will eat more in order to feel full. Cheaper brands contain fillers in order to bulk them up but have little or no nutritional value for the cat. Biscuits keep the teeth clean and have a much higher nutritional value than wet food. You also don't have the smell lingering and mucky dishes to wash. Cats get kidney problems very easily so must have a CONSTANT supply of water not just at feeding time. They can die within 24 hours of showing signs of a kidney infection. I do however give them two packets of wet food a day between them (6 cats) for a treat and to ensure that they get a little bit of extra hydration. They go daft for it because of the smell (the smellier the food the more the cat wants it)  but they rarely finish it because they are full from the biscuits. P.S. I hope this is a genuine question and not just a method of advertising that web site below your name. indecision

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Ummm I agree seems a bit suss

Ummm I agree seems a bit suss to me, maybe admin can delete the link at the bottom?

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Cat food

Thanks Xmasdog. I wasn't sure if I was just being a bit cynical, but the question seems too simple, with no details on the cat. I wasn't sure if advertising was normal as I've only just joined the site. 

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Cat Food

Cats have personalities just like people, and therefore each individual has different eating habits. You should always consider and respect those in choosing the cat food. Generally speaking, it is not all right if a cat eats only can food, or only dry food. The best would be a combination of both. Unfortunately canned food has lots of preservatives which are not always healthy, so too much of canned food may be a problem. I discovered there are many dry food brands that offer a large variety of food ingredients, all kinds of vitamins and nutrients that make the dry food a healthy and complete diet. So I honestly feed my cats both. They receive dry food on a daily basis and canned food three to four times a week. However, home cooked food is even better. Boiling a chicken and offering the meat with some of the resulted soup is an excellent food, if the cat enjoys it.

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I only feed milk, pork, and

I only feed milk, pork, and chicken in my cat pet. I haven't experieced that my cat got sick after I bought office dress for women and that was 2 years ago and now I am planning to buy lux bandage dress on shopdilara's site.

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Hi I have a cat for years and


I have a cat for years and i would swear by james wellbeloved. this is a complete dry food but you can also get dry food aswell.

I buy mine from vetmedsdirect.co.uk a very good company in my eyes. good staff and exellent delivery. cheaper than the shops thats why i go there and they even give you discount codes at times. i cant remember what the code was last time i oredered or i would have left it for you guys



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I would like to say always

I would like to say always feed high quality food.AS we all know that cat is carnivorous.So I always use to give meat ,milk,butter and cheese and some good quality branded food.


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