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Cat losing fur

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My cat Arnie has been losing fur on the back legs, rump, base of tail and rear sides for a second year. He is approx. 6 years old and in good health.
Previously it only occurred during the months late September to around early January but has gotten worse this year. Come the new year the fur has grown back as though the problem never existed.
The vet hadn't any suggestions other than the possibility this was due to airborne fungal spores and a record should be kept of his activities, an impossible task when he is outdoors.
Arnie feels hyper active at times which I feel is due to this condition.
Has anyone had similar experiences with their cat and what could a possible solution be?

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I have not meet that disease

I have not meet that disease before. You better go to prêts hypothécaires montréal because they got agent hypothécaire there to check the condition of your pet.

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A trip to the vets

A trip to the vets maybe.



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You should consult to the vet

You should consult to the vet as soon as possible because it is a type of disease.Same problem was with my doggy before one months.When I consulted to a vet they gave me some medicine and now my doggy is fine. 

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