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Cat Started screaming all the time!!!! she wont shut up

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my cat has started screaming for no reason. She used to do it a bit, mainly when she had just woken up or wanted food but now it is constant. She is approx 12 yrs old and healthy. When I go to pick her up she purrs and is OK but the screaming happens most of the day and early in the morning. She is an indoor cat and has lived with us and another indoor for 5 years but supposedly the two had been together for 5 years before that. The other cat passed away almost 2 weeks ago and although my cat screamed quite a bit before this it has got a lot worse since the other cat left. I thought this could be because she is lonely but she never cared for attention before and she didn't really get on with the other cat.
She has become super friendly since we lost our other cat, gone from being lazy and not very responsive to doing proper cat stuff like head-butting me and being al cute. Should i get another cat to keep her company through the day? I don't want to own cats forever and keep replacing one to keep the other company though but i will if it makes her happy.

I need help as she is giving me a constant headache, i often work from home and it is difficult to make phone calls, and i'm loosing sleep!!!!