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Christmas with Little Puppy

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Hey. I´m Diana. I´ve decided to introduce my new family member. Couple weeks ago we got a Labrador puppy. Call me silly but I’m such a proud mommy!  Her name is Rose and her hair is so adorably peachy. Also she is super energetic! Couldn´t be more pleased. It’s going to be special Christmas this time. Special because of our new Labrador puppy. Every year I'm alone organising everything for the eve. But she is very good company, always playing around. I know it´s gonna be a lot more fun for me, but I don't know how she will handle when all the guests come around. We had some relatives visiting us last weekend and she got really nervous. I wouldn’t want to lock her in the bedroom, so maybe I could prepare her somehow? Let me know what you think.

PS! It’s about 20 guests coming for the dinner.