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cleveland golf wedges

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HIRZL gloves domination of long drive competition continues as it captured the top three spots at the 2012 LDA Tour Championship at WinStart World Casino in Thackerville, OK on Friday September 14, 2012. Using a TRUST Control glove, http://www.efactorydirect.com/golf-titleist-golf-wedges-c-114_128.html Tim Burke took home the top prize of $10,000 in the season ending Tour Championship for the Long Drivers of America tournament series. Aaron Mansfield, wearing the newest HIRZL SOFFFT Flex cabretta glove, came in second place, http://www.efactorydirect.com/golf-taylormade-golf-wedges-c-123_124.html

helping him sew up the 2012 LDA Player of the Year title. Dustin Merrill, wearing the HIRZL Trust Control glove, also used a custom HIRZL golf bag to help him secure third place. http://www.efactorydirect.com/golf-cleveland-golf-wedges-c-131_132.html

"As the world's longest drivers competed head to head during the long drive Tour Championship competition, the one common denominator for success was HIRZL gloves," said Gary Sheppard, President of HIRZL North America. "By capturing the top three spots, HIRZL has clearly demonstrated that it is the glove of choice for the world's best golfers seeking the ultimate in a performance golf glove."