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Cut and trimmed bush back and birds nest in it! Feel awful

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I feel like kicking myself, I trimmed my front bush with some garden hedgers and noticed a semi exposed nest, I could see a blackbird in the bush who was watching me I stopped everything I was doing and went into the house immediately. I then returned to the garden and attempted to put some leaves in the holes in the bush but I did not touch the birds nest, when I did this the bird in the nest flew out. I have since left everything and hoping that the bird does not have any young, (I cannot hear anything) after researching online I noticed that some people have nests in their shed etc, so I think it should be ok. It is still protected by the bush just not as much.

Moral of the story: Don't cut bushes this time of year... without checking for nests. I will keep you updated on if I see any movement in the bush.