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Dealing with an Aggressive Cat

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If your cat is scared, aggressive and hides a lot under the bed or other furniture, make sure you provide him with a way to circumnavigate the room at a higher altitude. You can use furniture such as shelves, closets, but also cat towers, or you can build an original cat climber on your wall. Cats feel better if they are higher than humans and have a larger perspective over the room. In this way they feel superior and more confident. I just read a story about a very aggressive kitty. He could not stand the presence of strangers or other animals, so he would attack. He would spend most of his time under the bed and attack from there, making scary noises. An aggressive cat expert recommended the higher altitude area and in a couple of weeks the cat changed. He became relaxed and did not mind strangers anymore. 

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Solution to Aggressive Cat

Nice post Andalitza. I think, most cats are not comfortable with the new surroundings or strangers or when there is another Pet int the house. My Cat had the same problem when we moved to a new house. Then, on my neighbor's suggestion, I tried feliway and it worked like magic. My Cat now stays calm and enjoys playing with the family.