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Does anybody else's dog eat raw potato???

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Meg loves raw potato. She was pestering me for some when she was a young pup, and in the end I threw one for her like a ball - sort of "you won't like it, you daft mutt. But if you won't believe me, then try it for yourself!" And she did 8O .

I'm not very keen on giving her any, because I'm sure I heard somewhere that it wasn't that good for them - not dangerous or anything, just a bit hard to digest.

So we have sort of compromised by me giving her some of the peelings when I am preparing them - she will hear/smell/somehow suss out that I am doing it, and come from wherever in the house she is to stand beside me and wait for them.

I think it is the crunch she likes, because she also loves other raw vegetables (carrots, cucumber, white cabbage, and she would KILL for red pepper), but I don't mind her having them. It is just that I thought raw potato was hard for them to digest.

Anybody any idea? :?

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I am hearing this first time

I am hearing this first time that a dog can eat potatos. And my dog never eat potaos but he like eggs and I feed him 2-3 eggs daily.

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Raw potato is not poisonous,

Raw potato is not poisonous, but I would not think that  evolution has clobbered the dog species with an addiction to it. It seems balmy to give a dog that kind of rubbish.

Best bet - don`t give a dog raw potato, roasted, chips, boiled, mash or otherwise cooked YES, but whether they like it or not, avoid raw vegitables.

Dogs are not vegetarians, they are carnivores and meat eaters, just like humans with the exception of those rather odd people who depart from our species natural tendency to eat meat and gobble up lots of green stuff like human tortoises

My dog is going to have a Christmas  dinner, a small edition of our own and it will not affect him one jot, but that is just one special occasion in the year and will do him no harm. After that he is back to normal dog food.

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I gave a raw potato to a pig

I gave a raw potato to a pig once and he nearly died! I did not know it was bad for them. 

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They don't eat raw you have

They don't eat raw you have to at least half boil and give them then they will giving raw is not good for pet animals.

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NO idea

NO idea

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This is weird. I have never

This is weird. I have never heard about Dogs eating raw potatoes. May be your dog likes veggies a lot. You should try giving him Dog Food which has vegetables too. That might be helpful.