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Dog Found after being missing for 18 months....see story

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This is the original posting on Lost Labs

Cross posted from LL....below is email from Dill's mum....

' Dill is fox red in colour not yellow or cream, his under coat is almost white. he is a very large muscular dog ( not fat ) with a distinctive mane around his neck and shoulders, dill is a working dog trained on the whistle, he his 5years old, we dont know much of dills previous life ... only that he is damaged phycologically, dill is a very nervous dog very frightened of strangers ( particulary men for some reason) he must have spent a lot of time in a kennel because he has distinctive kennel rub on all four legs , when approached he displays typical submissivenes...tail tucked under rear , rear end down ready for flight, no eye contact, yawning, licking of lips , physical shaking etc. apart from all this dill is a lovely gentle with no aggression what ever , with us he begining to gain his confidence back , but sadly was frightened and spooked by something and took flight sadly we could not call him back ..as you can imagine we are devestated, we have done all that is possible to trace him, we can only hope someone will come forward with some information. dill is microchipped so hopefully we may hear something eventually. we can only hope that with the help of sites like this we will eventually bring dill back home. '

Thrupence spoke to Dill's owner last night and found this additional info

Dill went missing on the 20th June 2005. There has been recent sightings of Dill 1 1/2miles from home, unfortunatly he is a very nervous dog ( particularly of men ) due to being mistreated by previous owners he is also gun shy and very timid of noises such as traffic ect.

Debbie his owner is trying to keep Dill's profile high as they live on county borders and if anyone has any sightings of Dill please contact his owner or Lost labs.

All attempts to catch him have failed because he is so scared he runs. Please do not try to approach Dill you may scare him onto a road,
but make contact with his owner XXXXXXXXXXXX or

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with his location.

Thanks for reading this...yes becoming a very busy day !



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