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DOGS IN POUNDS... the sad statistics

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There is a huge problem of stray and abandoned dogs in the UK. Last year, over 101,000 stray dogs were collected by local authority dog wardens. While local authorities make every effort to reunite stray dogs with their owners, take dogs to rescue shelters, or find new homes, nearly 8,000 dogs are still being destroyed for want of a home.

Since becoming a dog owner and getting involved in dog rescue myself, I have become aware of how bad the situation has become, Christmas and just after are the busiest times for the Pounds and in turn for the rescue organisations that set out to save these dogs from being destroyed.

IF a dog ends up in the Pound after straying or being abandoned it has 7 DAYS, if no one comes forward, there are 2 alternatives either a rescue organisation steps in or the are PUT TO SLEEP.



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