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embedded chat feature

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I have seen a feature on many other forums that allows users to engage in a chat room style conversation with each other using a embedded flash window.

I feel that the feature would very very usefull on this forum low users ask small questions that are not neccesary for a complete new thread. The feature would allow for faster responce times and would make it easier for the question asker to add additional information as it would be more of a conversation with the person who is attempting to answer instead of a series of blocks of text.

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Chat room

I think this is a brilliant idea, I didn't realise how helpful this could be until I started using my new pet food supplier and they have one.  Besides being able to talk to like minded people the info exchange is brill.  You could even just link to a Google Talk site set up by Pet Chat.... Simples!!!

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Yes this sounds like a great

Yes this sounds like a great idea. :o-)