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Fashion Dresses

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both of your girls sound lovely if you guys don't mind, could I give you a girl's point of view? It doesn't matter if my guy/my best gf tells me a million times that I look great in a [url=http://www.thesellingonline.com/new-korea-summer-fashion-dress-vintage-style-polka-dot-dresses-p-1062.html]fashion Womens dress[/url] / I look great in a cetrian pair of heels. if I don't feel it when I put it on, then I wont believe them, and if I give them the benefit of the doubt and go out wearing it, I will always feel insecure in that item of clothing. I have to be sure that I look good in what I wear, and if i wore something that my ex told me to wear because he thought I looked hot in it, but I didn't quite feel it, my confidence would just plummet when I was out wearing it. I have only had one r'ship but it was a three year one from when i was 16, so it was quite along one. If say I was your gf... ok here is my style: I dont like to wear jeans/ [url=http://www.thesellingonline.com/new-womens-pants-office-lady-suit-pants-trousers-p-1451.html]Suit Trousers[/url]
so I am always either wearing skirts, dresses or shorts with tights if it's winter and obviously choosing different materials/ prints/ styles for day and night wear and I lovw wearing flat shoes/ boots as I dont like heels. If you gusy would rather see me in heels/ trousers maybe you could make a few hints here and there, jokingly, on how I never wear heels and/or trousers, and although I would it a try a few times to make you happy, i would always go back to my flat shoes and fashion skirts http://www.thesellingonline.com/2012-womens-dress-fashion-elegant-chiffon-flavor-dress-p-1069.html shorts look. I would always pick an outfit I thought looked good on me, and make myself look nice the way I thought I looked nice, not how I thought he would think I looked nice.