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Feeding Cats Tablets

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What si the best way to feed cats tablets when it cannot be done whole?

My cat will not accept having his mouth opened and me putting a tablet in his mouth - I just can't do it!

I have also tried crushing the tablet and putting it in his food (even his favorite treats)
All he does is sniff them and walk off - he will then never eat that food again. He already hates whiska's treats becuase I once tried to feed him a tablet with them - He loved them before.

I don't particuarly want him to occosiate normal food with tablets as he may then have trouble eating it and I will have a new problem.


I was also thinking that I may be able to disolve the tablets in milk and let him drink it, would this work?

The only tablets I usually give him are wrming tablets.


Thank you for any input!