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fighting guinea pigs

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Any advice would be really appreciated please. We have two 8 month old male rex guinea pigs, they have been inseperable since birth and up and till a week ago got on really well. They are both really nice natured and gentle, but they recently have been fighting quite seriously, over the last 3/4 days, this afternoon they stood up on back legs, clashed teeth they both were squealling really loudly they kept going back to attack each other, all the contents of their cage came out onto the floor. I separated them for half an hour and immediately I put them together they started again. I dont understand why as when they are apart they squeak and search for each other. I have now put them in separate cages as I cant bear to see them fight like that. Please can you tell me should I keep them apart during the day and night. My young son has them out for cuddles and to hand feed them every morning before school for half an hour and every night before bed, should he get them together for cuddle time and put them back in separate cages afterwards, also what should I do when I put them outside for their daily exercise and fresh air, I only have one round run that I put them in together I just worry if I keep them separated they will not be friends when they get together outside. it was horrible seeing them fight and really scared us, but we really dont know what to do for the best, if I put them back together in the same cage will they get over it or will one of them get badly hurt, or is separating the best thing to do. Please please any advice would be appreciated