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fish food..bad for cats?

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we adopted a cat from an elderly lady who could no longer look after it..
we have had problems with feeding this cat..trying different brands of food to see which it preffers..(as some made him sick not long after or he just left it)
lately hes been not eating hardly any of his food,(this is normal with this cat, as well as being sick every so often) but will still take fresh cooked chicken(so his appetite isnt affected)

i found him trying to eat some of my goldfish food flakes and he likes it.. (after all they do smell of fish)so i sprinkled some on his food and mashed it in so he'll eat the meat..

is this bad for him?
please if anyone could let me know, id be very grateful =)

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There is some issues with the

There is some issues with the cats while feeding them fish. But you can feed them in the mixture of other things. But don't feed them so much fish because it will effect their health.

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What an utterly stupid

What a misleading thread. I am embarrassed even reading it.

Cats have eaten fish for millions of years, it is one of their favourite foods and tremendously nutritious. Eating fish food you sprinkle on a pond is totally  harmless. It only consists of grubs, bugs and insect eggs. Hardly a comparison with Strychnine. You could eat it yourself with a gulp of water, but it may make you cough. If the car eats  some accidentally, no problem, but to purposely give a cat this stuff is daft.

I see  that a number of people have replied to this astonishing thread. Cats love fish and it is preposterous to even question whether this highly rated natural food is harmful to them.

What do you think all the cat food suppliers are doing, providing a large variety of different fish cat foods ? Do you think they are just out to make money and our cats ill ?

Of course not, all these companies are providing cats with a highly nutritious and delicious fish food that cats like and which keeps them in perfect health.

Where did that  stupid idea that fish is bad for cats and  even more stupid that it is bad for their health come from ?. Fish bad for health ?. Fish is one of the best foods on Planet Earth for every living thing, including humans. If the Western World had fish as their primary diet, there would be no heart attacks or clogged arteries and blood problems or half the population being so obese that they look grotesque and who cripple our NHS with astronomic costs each year.

Some of the most healthiest people on Planet Earth live on a 90% diet of fish and many animals depend on it. Have you ever seen Grizzly Bears fishing for salmon in the rivers of North America ?

They depend on that salmon bonanza to survive the harsh Winter.

If the cat is being sick frequently, it is a Vet`s job and nothing to do with fish. I suggest you make an appointment ASAP.

My cats  could never get enough fish, any kind of fish, freshly cooked, but especially tinned fish - proprietary tinned food, sardines, pilchards, tuna, salmon, and oh, they loved prawns - I never went to crab, lobster or caviar - too expensive.

To say that fish is bad for cats or any other living thing is like saying that breathing kills.

And as for saying that chicken is bad, where does this stupid information come from ? There must be some idiotic source of misinformation somewhere.

Chicken is one of the best foods you can give a cat, dog or human. It is very nutritous and full of all the ingredients that comprise an excellent healthy food that does not contain fat or other harmful substances. Any comment that  chicken is detrimental is beyond belief, presumably made by somebody who knows absolutely nothing about diet or food or anything else for that matter.

Fish and chicken are amongst the best foods available for health in humans and animals. Ask any Dietitian if you wish to play games, the answer is a certainty and a waste of time asking.

I find the comments given on this thread to be utter crap and totally misguiding to any  serious reader.

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Well I am suprised at this

Well I am suprised at this thread as well.


No, it will not harm the cat.
The primary ingredient in fish food is actually fish which is what John said. Hence why he likes it so much! I asked my vet if it would hurt my cat ate it occasionally, he said it was fine, I use it to entice him into a carrier, or as a special treat because he's been especially lovable that day.