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Fish tank maintenance and cleaning

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I've always wanted at home nice aquarium with gold fishes. I'm realy worried about fish tank cleaning. Do you have any personal experience about cleaning and maintenance? How often it has to be cleaned?



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We had a coldwater tank (i.e

We had a coldwater tank (i.e goldfish), now we've got tropical but thats too much work so we're going back to coldwater as soon as we can. We just clean our tank whenever it gets dirty (we have a sucky fish which helps clean it;)) good luck!

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If you have a small fish

If you have a small fish bowl, you find tank cleaning is simple and easy . You can start it by using a small net, and then carefully capture your fish and move them to another bowl that has never been cleaned with soap. Make sure you have room-temperature water in the bowl. There's no harm in pouring their current tank water into the container you place them in while you quickly clean their own fishbowl.

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