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Flea treatments

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Probably a stupid question but I treat my cat every month with Frontline (have been doing so for years and it works) but one of my local independent shops is having a promotion on Bob Martin spot on treatment as he is "testing the waters" as he said to see how popular it is amongst his other items for cats (litter, treats, food).

The one he's offering is Flea Cat Spot On 24 weeks and its £5 a pack. I thought this seemed quite reasonable.

My question is can I change treatments? Or do I need to stick with Frontline?

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Strange as I had a post the

Strange as I had a post the other day about this. So you noticed it too? Bob martins is quite a good make too I think.

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I tried bob martins and it is

I tried bob martins and it is great, killed all the fleas.

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A variety of medicated sprays

A variety of medicated sprays are available to kill fleas. You should choose best product  that provide long-lasting effects. Before starting any medical therapy contact your veterinarian. For my cat, I use shampoos, collars, flea sprays as suggested by the veterinarian.

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That is a great answer

That is a great answer

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I have also tried bob martins to and it always works :D

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Flea issues

I have always used the flea collar for my cats, but my cats are indoors only. The collar worked just fine so far. When I had to travel with my cat from the US to Europe, she had to be dewormed and she received Front Line for the first time. This was mid-January and so far she still has no fleas at all, so I did not use a new anti-fleas collar. I am wondering if she actually could get fleas if she spends her life only in my apartment. Do I have to still use Front Line but maybe more seldom? 

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I don't trust any one else

I don't trust any one else other than Frontline. When it comes to flea treatment in Pets, Only Frontline come to my head. Their Frontline Spot On Flea treatment for Cats is really good.

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  I'd say stick to what you


I'd say stick to what you know works so if you use frontline stick with that. The Mr Pets website seems to have the cheapest frontline I’ve seen, they also sell the prescription variant of frontline which most online stores don't:


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I took my dog to the vet

I took my dog to the vet today cause he has been acting and feeling really sick the vet checked him out and said he needs all these test and medicines and i could only afford the basic meds and fluids. vet said he would die if he didnt stay overnight for iv and the price was so high that i didnt have that kind of money cause i just had a baby.... so i brought him home and he got worse so i took him too an non kill animal shelter for adoption so he could get the medical care he needed so he wouldnt pass away i miss him so very much it was the hadest thing ive ever had to do in my life but he wouldve passed away if i didnt do this!!!! was this the right thing to do so he wouldnt suffer!!!!!!!!!