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Flump & Minardi

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I really hope I'm not stepping on any toes or posting in the wrong section with the following. Admins please let me know if I am, I didn't think the "For Sale" section was relevant as I'm not looking to make any money out of this.

Hi all, I'd like you to meet Flump and Minardi.

I've had them for four years and they are both roughly 5 years old. Last September my girlfriend (who lives in the USA, long story) and I got engaged and since then we have been working towards acheiving the VISA required for myself to head out to the States where we plan to marry and live. As I am now entering the final stage of this process and (if everything goes to plan) I should be heading out there around September, I need to turn my thoughts to what happens to my beloved fluffballs. Obviously they are going to need a new home but upon being unable to convince any family members to take them on, I now need to look elsewhere. I don't want anyone who doesn't understand that chinchillas are very different to normal pets to get hold of them and as such am willing to give them (with cage and all accessories for free) to someone from the chinchilla community who is looking for more.

They are both a joy to own (assuming you keep anything that you don't want chewed out of their reach) and are good tempered and as friendly as chinchillas can generally be. Minardi isn't a fan of being touched but Flump is a dopey little sweetheart and is happy to have a scratch under the chin or behind the ears. It's non-negotiable that they be split up. They've been together since they were a couple of months old and I'd like it to stay that way.

I live in Perth in central Scotland so obviously this is probably only going to work if you live fairly nearby. The cage is a large John Hopewell model (picture below) so you'd need a decent size vehicle to pick it up (it doesn't fit in my little Fiesta!)


John Hopewell two-level cage.

One of these: http://www.johnhopewell.co.uk/default.asp?template=productdetail.page.xml&productId=237

Flying Saucer flat running wheel.

Large water bottle.

Food bowl.

Sand bath.

Two collapsible tubes for exercise area.

If you're interested or want more info, please get in touch here, by private message or email via my profile. As I said, all of the above is free to the right home.