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as some of you will know i mentioned a few weeks ago that my mum and dads cat George was fairly ill, well unfortunately yesterday he had to be put to sleep. so i thought i would tell the tale of how he came into our lives 18 years ago.

when i was a young 17 year old student one of tutors came into a lecture one day asking if anybody would be able to take in a beautiful stray cat. she had called him gorgeous...because she was and she had been feeding her for a few weeks now...but her own 2 cats were not to impressed with this arangement. so that evening and i think for the next day or 2 i begged, pleaded and finally persuaded mum and dad to take in this cat.

so we set a trap and caught 'her' and brought her home. the first thing 'she' did when released from the cage was to disappear underneath the kitchen units to hide. my dad spent the next hour dismantling units to get this very scared little creature out. once we had hold of her...we then noticed that this was no little girl but a very obvious boy...so that was how he went from being gorgeous to george...i mean you can hardly call a male cat gorgeous can you?

anyway he settled into the house and has always been slightly timid, but loves being cuddled. i did try to take him with me when i first moved out of home, but my lifestyle didn't quite suit him...he preferred it a little more sedate than an 18 year old rocker does. so back to mum and dads he went and has stayed there ever since.

he has been a very healthy cat and managed to live a long and happy life in my parents home.
so thankyou for being the cat you were george and always giving cuddles. i hope you are content and at peace now.

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circle of life

just hoping that no dog or pet has car accident in boca raton