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getting well in to the raw diet thing - suggestions please

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i have been doing lots of research on raw feeding since i found out about the poisen (tinned and mixer food) i had been giving to my last dog gypsie and at first my new pup merlin so thank you for opening my eyes! since researching i cant believe the crap that they use! i had always given raw meaty bones for their teeth as has my father with all his dogs but now i am seriusly thinking of feeding a raw diet to my pup and also mt ferret as even the "good" brands like burns and jwb dont seem to be any where as good as people think and they bothe tend to have far to much carberhydrate this is where i am confused as from what i have read in the raw meat diet they dont tend to have any carbs! and i thought this was needed for energy?
so i have some questions as i would like answeres from real people actualy feeding this diet!
1-what about carbs
2-when i ferret or my partner shoots a pheasent can the dog have the whole thing including fur/skin or do they mean prepared as already i would take the meat off for us and give the ferret the rest but some times you get one you dont like the look of! for your self!
3-when it is wet outside how do you avoid it getting every where?
please dont say just give it to them in the kitchen with the door closed as i cant cope with the idear of dead animal bits lurking in my kitchen and remember i have 3 children who are only young!
4-also some sites recomend raw veg and others just raw meaty bones and others with table scraps!
5- this is my last how do you tell what will give the dog the runns as if gypsie found something and ate it while out walking she would be outside all night pooing! some times even when i had given him a table scrap that obviosly didnt suit!
sorry about the essay but its so great to ask questions to real people who obviously love their dogs as much as i do. once again i can only apolagise about the bad spelling love coliel