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Giant Rabbit - Male 9Mths - Central Scotland

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Kenicke is now looking for a new home having already been homed twice before, and is only 9 months old. We're looking to place him in a forever home this time.

He's a wonderful big guy, very good personality, and very inquisitive and cheeky.

He is a giant breed, but we're not 100% sure of which breed. His head & current size could be British Giant, but he has larger, rounded ears and an arched back like a Continental Giant. It's possible that he is a cross between the two.

At 9 months old he could still grow a little bigger, but has done most of his growing. Giant breeds make excellent house pets.

If you are interested in Kenicke, please get in touch. We are experienced Giant rabbit owners and can offer further advice.

Rabbit Reference: 20110316-01

Rabbit Gender: Male

Rabbit's Breed: Giant

Age / D.O.B.: 9 Month (Approx)

Neutered: No

Medical Conditions: Needs Neutered & Fully Vaccinated.