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Government trying to ban everything now:

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See: http://www.guardian.co.uk/politics/2011/jun/03/cameron-backed-report-commercialisation-childhood

• The Advertising Standards Authority to discourage placement of billboards with sexualised imagery near schools and nurseries or other areas where children are likely to view it.

• A clampdown on sexualised and violent images shown before TV's 9pm watershed and curbs and cinema-style age rating for music videos.

• A single website to be created, to act as "an interface between parents and the variety of regulators across the media, communications and retail industries".

• Making it easier for parents to block age restricted material on the internet.

• Lads magazines to be moved to the top shelf in shops or sold in covers.
I don't agree with any of this, it's just yet more separation of parents from their responsibilities under the guise of thinking about the children.

If a child is wearing inapparopriate clothing, it's quite reasonable to blame the prent that bought it for them. If a child is looking at adult material on the internet, it's also quite reasonable to blame the parent that bought them the computer and gave them unsupervised access to it. The website they're proposing will be utter shit and no-one will use it, and all this sex and violence that's on TV before 9pm has completely passed me by - to be honest, despite those loathsome shows on Channel 4 where Dr Christian Jesson fingers rugby players, it seems to be more heavily censored than ever.

And the mere fact the report comes from a Christian group and has Mumsnet support renders it hysterical drivel with no basis in reality - and therefore perfect for government action.

We'll be Australia before long. Just think on that. Still, it's better than having ID cards.

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OK illegal scumbags creep in

OK illegal scumbags creep in by a variety of means, but we let all the other riff-raff - asylum seekers and millions of scum come into our country with no medicals or other justification, just because they are said to be part of a family.

GOD ! These families go into thousands. There are multi-million Patel's !

Once all this human crap is here, we welcome them with open arms, give them priority over the rest of us and all the benefits possible. All for FREE at the expense of us tax payers.

We are just an enormous human rubbish dump by invitation - a self inflicted wound to national and social disaster.

Britain ? What Britain, we are just a mongrel nation of overseas flotsam and jetsam. Scumbags and scroungers who just want to live the high life off British generosity, benefits and the NHS.

Endgame - Britain ? I have flushed better things down the toilet.



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I couldn't give a stuff if

I couldn't give a stuff if Illegal Immigrants have nothing to live on, they should have thought about that before coming here expecting free handouts.courtesy of the UK Taxpayer. 

Would you dream of going to Australia fior example with no money illegally? 

If you were an Illegal immigrant in another country would you get handouts left, right and centre? More than likely not, and this is the reason why we have a immigration problem - the Welfare state - open for all to use and abuse.

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We spent a few months in

We spent a few months in France last year and noticed how differently things were, for starters there was no council they just had a major for each town / village region. Thus, they could get things done quite quickly. Unemployment in France has rarely been below double digits, work illegal or otherwise has since the mid 90's been easier to find in the UK than France. (This recession may change that) Additionally the French Police routinely ask for and check papers of anyone who doesn't look "indigenous" to determine their residence status. The police in the UK do not commonly do this so it is easier to avoid detection. UK is also felt to be the least racist country in Europe. Now the question is, why the hell should someone be given money if they haven't even been given asylum? No wonder people are so desperate to come here when the amount given in handouts is a fortune in their terms.

That given the UK has no real stringent checks on ID once people disappear... France uses ID cards at all times from paying by credit card to finding somewhere to live.

It's disgusting and one reason I would never vote Labour for the mess they will leave behind

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Well here we have it, the

Well here we have it, the Menu of Britain today.

Starter :-
Unbelievable incompetent Management to the detriment of the population.
A national debt that is second only to the USA in the entire World of around £1,300 billion at an annual interest rate of £43 billion.

Main course :-
Uncontrolled benefits generosity of approx. £150+ billion per year and priority given to foreign scum over and above our indigenous population in benefits, housing NHS and the lot. All free, whilst we have had to pay for it in taxes and contributions.
An obsession with the legacy of Empire and power, which is no longer a factor. We are now just an insignificant tiny island and no longer a World power.
The attitude of look after everybody else in the World before UK citizens.
An annual grant of £8,500 million to Overseas countries (more than any other European country by over £1,000 million) who only spend it on ruling party luxuries and weapons at a time of great economical restraint in the UK.
UK Overseas Aid is second only to the United States.
A complete and utter disregard for our own people and their needs and services.
The deployment of UK military personnel to be killed and maimed on frivolous escapades that are none of our business.

Dessert :-
Uncontrolled Immigration that lets anybody in to our country regardless of medical checks and practical legality, resulting in 15%+ of our population being of foreign origin, mostly Asian or African. Cultures which are alien to the British way of life and result in destroying our national heritage. People walking about in Pyjamas and bedsheets with eye slots.
The mongrelization of our very breed.
Uncontrolled entrance to Asylum Seekers and European migrant workers.
Turning a blind eye to illegal immigrants.

Coffee :-
Just about anything else that gives our money away to those who do not deserve it and the complete destruction of a previously proud and powerful nation.

Finally, to increase taxation on the British people to pay for all this insanity.

Summary :-
If anybody wishes to complete their days in British comfort, then they must live in a beautiful rural area free from destruction, in the remnants of our desecrated land, have no TV and be devoid of newspapers. Then you can achieve a virtual traditional British way of life by behaving like an Ostrich with it`s head in the sand.

Good luck !



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Yes that is the reality, it

Yes that is the reality, it should be prohibited as it can have a bad impact on the student's imagines. government-grant education grants for women