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Guide on How to upload photos to PetChat Photo Gallery

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First turn off any popup blockers as the photo gallery uses popups

go into the relevant album by clicking on its photo

i.e. lets say dogs photos

once you are in the album there is a dropdown menu on the top right with << album actions >> highlighted

Choose Add Photos from the dropdown menu

a Pop-Up menu will appear with Browse buttons to upload up to 5 photos at a time

simply click the Browse button and choose the photo off your computer that you wish to upload

Type in something as a description in the caption field on the same line as the browse button

repeat this up to 5 times using the other Browse buttons and caption fields

scroll down and click the Upload Now Button to upload the photos

This process will take a few minutes during which you should see a small popup menu showing a message about transferring photos

Once complete the popup windows will close and if you refresh the page your photos should have been added to Petchat



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