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Guinea pig

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I have had my 2 guinea pigs for a week now, they are both female. I think one is pregnant but not sure because she is only big on one side. Can u please help? I'd like to know if it could be something els? Hope it is babies :)

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RE:Guinea pigs

Firstly, can you tell me how old your 'pregnant' sow was when you bought her? And where you bought her from?
Normally, in pet shops the two genders of pigs are kept seperate. And, it is not wise to to mate a boar with a young sow. Buying a pregnant animal, and not knowing is very awkward as sometimes you may not be able to provide for the unexpected young. I suggest, if she is pregnant, you do your research. You don't really know whether a sow has become pregnant for a few weeks. Take her to a vet to see.