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Guinea Pigs and Gerbils

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Hi there, my brother has recently split with his girlfriend and she has left him with all her animals. He needs to get rid of them because he simply cant afford to keeps them all :( There are 8 guinea pigs, which live outside in a huge hutch, and are all female. There are also 3 gerbils, with a newish cage all well equip with everything they need. He also has two male cats who also have everything they need. They really need a loving home by the end of the week otherwise he's giving them to the RSPCA. He isnt charging for them or any of there stuff. Anyone who knows someone who might want them, please contact me for further information ASAP. Thanks :)

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Hey, Its ashame that his gf


Its ashame that his gf did that. I was wondering about the gerbils, would you happen to have any females? Thanks

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That is a real shame  hope

That is a real shame  hope you got it sorteed out

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I agree I hope you get it

I agree I hope you get it sorted too.

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Mny people love animals so it won't be so hard . Ask your neighbers and friends if they would  like one and ask to put an add in the newspaper or put up posters , it's worked before , A good place to put posters is at super markets , but you'll have to ask and bus stops . If one of you're parents / guardians is on twitter or face book they can advertise there . Pet shops will happily take them in too , but you will have to be picky about which one , there should be no abuse to animals happening and it should be a good enviroment , look petshops up , the best thing to do is to find what company provides them with these animals , then find out about the company itself . If the company that gives them the pets is cruel , don't send them there . The RSPCA would be suitable , they will take in any animal . Hope this helps .