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Hamster chewing bars!!!

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How do I stop my female Syrian hamster from chewing the bars.

she has just started and it is keeping me up at night, yesterday I had an exam and I couldn't' sleep the night before due to the noise.

Any advice?

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In y3, we had a Syrian

In y3, we had a Syrian Hamster named Toffee, and it chewed the bars non-stop. But what I did was put some knaw sticks in, then they chew them instead. And if they are still chewing, show them some dicipline. That works too. Or, too stop the noise, put a sheet over it, quite thick, but with some holes in, and if it doesn't stop, then shout and it stops, because if you shout, it runs into a its little house. But I recommend Russian Dwarf Hamsters, since they are not that nocturnal. Or, does your cage have a second floor? If it does, remove it and it isnt possible for them to chew, but if its all wire, then try the knaw stick method.

-RioTheoLeo :~D

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Good advice about the bars.

Good advice about the bars. :-) welcome to petchat.

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How to stop bar chewing

This is a sign of boredness , play with you're hamster more but not too much , you should never wake a sleeping hamster , wait for your hamster to pop out , to make them feel comfortable do it at night , they're nocturnal and don't let your hamster out for too long . There are many ways of stopping it , like the already suggested plain dog bones (genius ) but since hamsters won't recognise the smell and have poor eyesight so rely on smell , rub it in their favourite healthy food , same for twigs (you must check these weren't near a road , have pesticides , and if it is growing near nettles and healthy plants , it is probably OK , to kill off bacteria bake it first and avoid giving cedaror pine sticks . Apple , willow , cherry are all great sticks for them to chew on , as are most fruit tree sticks . ) Gnawing blocks shouldn't be trusted , as many are painted or flavoured with unnatural ingredients . A few time crunching chew toys : get some toilet paper / printer paper (if your hamster is young and it's her first one , use toilet paper ) and place some healthy treats inside then grab each corner and twist it together then hang from the cage with twine , you can also put a hole in or rub wih food so your hamster can find the treat , another toy : fold the ends of a toilet paper in to seal it at the bottom , fill with healthy treats , seal the top (just fold it in , no glue or tape or anything like that )  and slip in between the bars , you can place in a hole and rub with food as well , another toy : grab some printer paper and roll around a toilet paper roll , twist an end like that of a Christmas cracker and fill with treats , then twist the other end , treats can be added  , another toy it's an origarmi ball just watch this video : www.youtube.com/watch?v=a89BN1ThEG4 and where the hole is , stick in your little finger , pop in healthy treats , perhaps rub food on it , give to your hamster , another toy : watch this video : www.youtube.com/watch?v=CD2AnGh0Nvk  . You could put lemon juice on the bars of the cage , though I'm not so sure because citrus fruits are poisonous to hamsters , and a bitter apple spray was suggested , but ask your vet before doing this , and if it is OK you will only need a small amount and to put it on the bars .