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Hamster festive things

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So since it's near Christmas , I'm thinking of some festive Christmas presents for my hamster but are they safe ? Here are my ideas : Get a balloon , drench toilet paper in just water and put it on like paper mache (it actually does stick without glue and actually drys quiet quickly and it doesn't smell of mould ) , leave a gap not paper mached at the top and when it has enough layers to be strong enough without the balloon as support , pop the balloon through the hole and take out all of the balloon . You can mould a carrot nose and some eyes from wet toilet paper but never paint it and put a toilet paper pom pom on top . When it's dry cut the top off , so it's like a lid and a hat , and cut a  smile out that your hamsters can go into loosely . And should I sand it down a bit ?Credit goes to Jane Bull and the dapper rat . Is it safe , or mean ? And another present idea is little twine pom poms (homemade ) and paper snowflakes , festive buttons and shaped wood on twine and maybe mirrors ? Are these safe ? And also he's getting a Christmas dinner - hamster style , a stocking and I was wondering whether a smoothie would be OK for him to drink - the ones with fruit and ice (non dairy ) or I could make one of those green smoothies with cucumber and brocolli and beans - basically green vegtables and ice ? Are they allowed cramberrys? Christmas dinner for him : possibly a smoothie , plain grilled chicken or cricket or meal worm (instead of turkey) , mashed banana (instead of mash ) , a pinch of bread , carrot , green brean , perhaps some brussel sprouts but if it is bad for him brocolli or cucumber , cooked cramberrys (just cooked cramberry , no sugar but the natural sugars in the cramberry) , maybe baby food (that is if I dump the banana ) and for pudding alfalfa pellet with water , sunflower seeds , dried fruit (Christmas cake ) and/or these things called fruit gummies , you get flour and fruit , mush up the fruit and mix and bake . And for breakfast the normal hamster mix . Is it safe , and should I treat him with big proportions , or give little proportions because that is a lot of food so if there were little proportions of each it would be a normal size meal . I've heard of people hiding treats , is this mean ? If someone hid my food I would feel a bit angry ....


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