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Hamster toy

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This is a really simple hamster toy but is it safe :

-Get a square of paper and fold it until when you open it up it has 16 squares on it .

-Cut along the folds of the two sides , each side like this : ----------


but don't separate any bits of paper from the rest completely , just cut along the folds going up , for each side .

- Gather paper together until it looks like a house , cut a door out and maybe windows then possibly slot together or just fold the folds so they stay like that permantly . I use printer paper , plain is this toy safe ?



  •                                  n____n

  •                                 (    I     I   )

  •                                  I      w   I

                             (,,)                (,,)

  •                                 (_______ )__

  •                               (,,)                (,,)

                                           little bundle of JOY !