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Help! I need YOUR quick input and opinion

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Hi there everybody, I'm Nick and I'm new to this forum! I will quickly explain who I am before I ask my question...

I have been a loyal and well practised dog & cat owner/part time trainer for over 7 years.

I first got started training and properly caring for my own pets (and other people's pets) after my grandad sadly passed away and left me his English Setter to look after.

Ever since I was a kid our family always had pets...we had 35 chickens, 7 cats, 1 dog, a rabbit, iguanas, lizards, hamsters and fish. (Yes, it was literally Bill Oddey's haven!)

But I really started taking care of pets in a more professional way when I took my late grandad's dog Chippy into my care. That's when, as an adult, I had to learn how to look after a dog for real (and not rely on my brothers and parents to help out).

Since then, I have helped many elderly neighbours (and even young couples) to look after their dogs and cats. Walking, training, pet care advice...you name it, I do it! It's a great way to help pay my bills as well as do what I love!

So why am I telling you all of this? Apart from wanting people to know a little more about me (as I am new to this particular forum) I want to ask for YOUR advice and opinions on a little idea I was thinking about earlier this week.

You see, I have already written a guide for people to use so that if I can't help the locals out, I can send them this guide and they can use it without me being there.

But I thought, I could do the same thing online and help a ton of other people in the exact same way!

But instead of just writing a full blown guide, I was thinking of breaking it up into specific areas to help people with specific issues (after all, in my experience, many people KNOW how to do certain things, but have no clue about other things when it comes to dog & cat care).

So my first idea was about picking the right puppy. I.e, how to choose and buy the right puppy. The second idea was about how to remove urine stains off the carpet etc.

I was wondering if you wouldn't mind giving me your opinions and advice on what YOU might like to know. To make it easy you can jump straight to the survey I set up for you guys right here :

Dog/Cat Survey

This survey is super quick and easy, and is simply regarding:

1. Choosing/buying a puppy/cat
2. Removing urine stains

I would also like to know:

1. Is there any specific problems regarding pet urine removal you have or would like to

know how to fix?

2. Would you be interested in these guides?

3. Would you pay for such a guide, if so how much?

If you are able to help me out, I will send you a free FULL copy of either both guides or the one I choose to create first. (only for the first 50 people, then I am closing the survey and offer down)

To make it easy for you, I have set up a super quick survey that you can fill out here in order to answer these quick questions, so that I can also email you the free guide once it is complete.

Is that ok? Any questions, please ask away..I'm always available!

Please click the link below to take the super quick survey:

Dog/Cat Survey

Many thanks for your time and I look forward to your responses!


Nick Brighton