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HI everyone! Seeing as this post is in 'Introductions' you can probably guess I'm new and I'm here to introduce myself.
My name is Becca and I'm currently a student. Everyone in my form (other than my friends, of which I have, like, 3) know me as the Animal Freak. Animals are my life and I'm very very serious about animal welfare and proper care. I'm hoping I'm not the only one out there who hates animal abuse (I like arguing about it :-))! But, I dont think any of you will be particular fans of it either!

I am a proud owner of 4 gorgeous guinea pigs (who have had quite an eventful life in the 1 year they've been alive.) and a silver tabby cat.

Also, living in my house, theres my mum, dad, 3 sisters, brother, a greyhound x whippet, a rottwieler, a japenese spits and a jack russel x dachsund as well as 3 more cats, a parrot, indoor fish, a bearded dragon, a rabbit, a snake, 3 chickens and some pond fish!
We did have a hamster who recently died (she was very old!) and a chicken died too.
We also had 4 terrapins and a beautiful, yet manly cat called Max.

So yes...