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Hi all! im new here

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Hello everyone,

My name is John and my dog's name is Disco!

im excited to be here and i have an experience i would like to share with everyone here!

Thanks and have a great day

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Hello all, i am new here...

Hello all, i am new here...

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Hi folks, I'm new!

Hiya! My name is Andrea (46) and I live in Yorkshire with my partner and 4 kitties; Lantern (16) Katie (5) Pepper (1) and Dayton (1).
Yes, it is a busy househould - who needs kids! laugh 

You will find me ocasionally posting a topic or replying.

Pepper and Dayton below



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Hey There, I am new also and

Hey There,

I am new also and have a pup named zuma. I am trying to open a boutique dag bakery and looking for other dog owners who love healthy treats for their animals! Let me know if you have any ideas.