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How to chose leather jacket ?

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If you're going for modern (and men's design tends to move slow so a modern leather jacket will last at least 4 or 5 years before it goes out of style), you'll want a sleek and fitted look. Make sure the leather jacket ends no higher then the top of your pants and ends no lower than an inch below that. The sleeves should end at your wrist. Going over your palm is allowed but it has to be less than half an inch. If you are going to wear the leather jacket http://www.thesellingonline.com/p/autumn-style-mens-turndown-collar-washable-leather-coat.html over heavy sweaters or layered clothing, bring that with you to the shop. The jacket should sit snug on the shoulders and the shoulder seam should begin at the end of your arm. Too far out, and you'll look like you're playing football. Too far in and it'll look like you're wearing a jacket that is too small. The leather jacket http://www.thesellingonline.com/p/autumn-men-s-leather-jacket-fur-clothing-casual-suit-jacket.html should be fitted without excess material around the stomach or chest. It shouldn't bubble out if you sit in a chair. And if you bend over and it shows some of your shirt, that's ok. Depending on how tall you are, watch out for the height of the collar. You'll probably be able to pull off a medium or small collar. I would avoid a large collar - it would make you look shorter than you really are.

I would recommend two leather jackets (for the different seasons) rather than a jacket with a removable lining. A spring/fall leather jacket could be made out of a thinner and softer leather than a heavy duty winter leather jacket. Go for a dark color (black/dark gray) and play with details if you want to make it interesting. Avoid leather jackets with seams on the front near where a chest pocket would be (every guy seems to have that leather jacket) and look for details that are interesting. Seam placement, the sheen of the material, the color of the zipper http://www.thesellingonline.com/p/lady-zipper-washable-leather-jacket-turndown-collar-short-coat.html and the cut of the zipper (straight or diagonal) are all things that make a men's jacket worth wearing.