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how do you tell if your hamster is pregnant? please help!

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I've recently bought two russian dwarf hamsters from my local pet shop where the assistant said both were boys. We originally kept them in the same cage however one of them became increasingly dominant and they kept fighting to the point where one became injured.
After this we decided to separate them into different cages. However, one of the hamsters (the one who is usually very sweet natured and easy to hold) has become very private and refuses to let me hold him hissing everytime I try. Previously in his old cage with the other hamster he was so easy to hold.
Not only this but he has put on a lot of weight in the last few days and appears to be nesting.
Im wondering whether or not this hamster is in fact a girl and is pregnant.
Ive tried to tell the sex but its difficult.
Can anyone help me?

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  Your hamster would get


Your hamster would get bigger also you will realise that she will be a little protective. Her abdomen will be of course bigger, and tighter, and often her nipples will become more visible. She will also eat more and a few days before giving birth, she will be carrying lots of bedding off to make a nest. Do NOT clean the cage!
If the hamster is making a nest and eating lots and lots of food and if the tummy is big, she might be pregnant.
You know when your hamster is pregnant when you see that is it gotten huge in a short amount of time. Her stomach will be bigger than you have ever seen it.
They will also begin to make a giant nest in the corner of the cage. She will take most of the shavings in the cage to make the nest. She will hide her self completely in the nest. DO NOT touch the babies if she has them because this may cause abandonment of the babies.
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thanks so much!:)

thanks so much!:)

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