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How to teach a parrot to speak

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I have been curious for sometime how can I teach my parrot to speak. It seems to me that the most important aspect of this process is to spend as much time as possible with the parrot while having reasonable expectations from him. Not all parrot species can speak, and those that have this ability can choose not to. Although it may seem too simple, the best method I know of is to speak yourself to him. The parrot must be encouraged to speak by choosing a few short words like “hello” or “hi”, or even his own name. Even simple words can stir his interest if you say them enthusiastically. Keep a joyful and positive tone, and watch carefully his reaction when you say those words. You will notice that some words capture his attention more than others. Identify those words and use those first. Once you have the words and the parrot’s attention, keep repeating the words as much as you can. Parrots learn through repetition and observation, and therefore saying the words continuously is the only method to determine the bird to repeat them after you. You will have quick results if you make a daily schedule for this activity. However, it also depends on the parrot’s personality. Each parrot is different, some learn faster than others, some can wait for a few month before speaking the first word. Please share if you ever taught a parrot to speak, how was it and how long it took.

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Re:How to teach a parrot to speak

Begin teaching your parrot to talk when she is 4 to 6 months old at the latest. Try a simple 'Good morning' to your bird at the start of each day. Keep in mind that some parrots will pick up words sooner than others.Hold the bird in front of your mouth when you teach her, so that you have her attention.



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Thanks for this information

Thanks for this information it is really interesting to know. I am going to get a parrot soon and this is such an informative post. Some parrots will never talk or only say one word, but the best thing is to say the same phrases over and over everyday to the bird, say 'i love you' when you are playing with them. Say 'Hi' when you see them and good morning int the morning, good night at bedtime, their name, say bye bye when u leave and im back when your back etc. and say these words with the actions of leaving sleep and other words while playing. you just have to be consistent and eventually you will probably be surprised hearing your bird when excited all the sudden say, hi or watcha doin? or dont you wanna play? right in your face or in his/her cage while your in the room. Its awesome.

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Sounds cool! What kind of

Sounds cool! What kind of parrot do you plan to get?